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Powerful air cleaner for a safe working environment

Despite all measures taken in industrial environments on safety and health, the presence of dusty, corrosive and pathogenic substances was not entirely excluded. With the APU unit, though. This air cleaner eliminates all substances that are harmful to the human body. With the APU unit, you provide a safe working environment for your employees.

The APU unit separates air and harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, chlorine and formaldehyde. In addition, it dusts particles. Clean air is the result. The APU unit is suitable for use in industrial environments and is also the perfect air cleaner for sanitary environments, sleeping and dining rooms, changing rooms and meeting rooms.

For each product of ICImport: we will tailor your solution. We optimize the design according to your specific circumstances and application requirements.


  • Active carbon filter
  • Oxidant filter
  • Active carbon and oxidant filters combined.
  • Casette filter

Product info

  • Warning system for filter cleaning

    • Models ranging from 100 to 6400 m³ / h capacity
    • Separation of coarse and fi n dusts, bath smells and corrosive chemicals from ambient air
    • Fresh air and pressureurization options
    • These are body materials according to working environment
    • Quiet and reliable operation
    • Automation options with improved software for constant ambient pressure
    • Mixed filter works between -20 / + 55 ° C ambient temperature and between% 10-90 humidity values
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