Customized industrial air conditioning systems

The desired comfort with air and water-cooled air conditioning systems

The IAC line air-conditioning systems are suitable for use in laboratories, data processing centers and power chambers. Ambient temperatures above 60 ° C provide no problem for operation. In addition, the IAC units contain environmentally friendly cooling elements and the units can be adapted to specific requirements. Think of energy efficiency, the use of microprocessors for integration into the automation system, stable temperature or humidity levels, safety and recovery capabilities.

The units from the IAC product group can be produced in two different types. As air or water condensing coolers in the form of a packet type or in the form of a splitting type. Typical are the standard cooling capacity of 5 to 500 kW and the flexibility: horizontal, vertical, scrol-semi-hermetic or screw compressor, it's all possible.

For each product of ICImport: we will tailor your solution. We optimize the design according to your specific circumstances and application requirements.


Types of IAC coolers

  • SCU (Self-Contained Unit)
  • Rooftop unit
  • Split unit (Condensing unit + indoor units)

  • Warning system for filter cleaning

    • COOLING (KW) 5-500
    • Design can be optimized on 20 points
    • Air and water cooled condenser options
    • Special condenser option for tropical regions
    • Increased eficiency
    • Remote monitoring and control
    • Compact, reliable and durable
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