Environmentally friendly cooling and drying units for grain

Healthy storage conditions by excluding chemicals

Grainchill is an integral part of modern storage systems. It prevents both development of fungi and parasites as the absorption of air. The refrigeration and drying units from the TKS series provide fresh and healthy storage conditions for cereals. These units are the answer to the chemical solutions that are still frequently used. With TKS, health and environmental risks are completely eliminated. Not only the operation of the TKS units is impressive, but the cost advantages are also impressive. Thanks to these benefits, our relationships are sure of a minimum payback period.

The TKS unit knows how to handle all weather conditions and different harvest times. The PLC control panel adjusts the operation to environmental and environmental conditions. Customized work ensures that the TKS unit accurately matches the business processes of our relationship. It delivers optimal results and makes extra investments unnecessary. TKS units can be performed with different compressor models.

For each product of ICImport: we will tailor your solution. We optimize the design according to your specific circumstances and application requirements.


  • TKS unit for the agricultural industry

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