Powerful cooling units for extrusion lines

Use the full capacity of extrusion lines for plastic with PFC

The PFC cooling unit is the answer to the stated requirements regarding cooling of the extrusion lines for plastic layers. With this plastic cooler, both the inflatable and the cooling air are cooled, thus fully utilizing the capacity of the line. Also under summer conditions.

This cooling unit achieves unique performance in air displacement (between 1200 and 8400 m³ per hour) and cooling (between 17 and 110 kW). The construction of the PFC cooler is constructed as follows:

  • The stainless steel housing reduces corrosion and contamination with the plastic layer.
  • The long input and output reductions reduce the pressure drop and realize efficient use of the battery area.
  • The battery is made of stainless steel, has a rubber insulation layer, can be configured both left and right and has an automatic heat control valve.
  • The thermometers are of industrial quality, have round valves and measure both in and out air and water temperatures.

For each product of ICImport: we will tailor your solution. We optimize the design according to your specific circumstances and application requirements.

Product types

  • PFC 1200
  • PFC 1800
  • PFC 2600
  • PFC 3400
  • PFC 4200
  • PFC 5000
  • PFC 6600
  • PFC 7500
  • PFC 8400

Product info

  • Warning system for filter cleaning

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