High quality process liquid coolers

Unique performance in cooling food and plastic

The HSC series process fluid coolers meet all requirements for use in industrial installations. Custom made for coolers of unprecedented high quality that meet the highest levels of safety. The special design of the HSC series also includes pumps, liquid tanks and expansion vessels, so that the existing engine rooms are fully replaced. These units are extremely suitable for use in the food industry.

Characteristic of the HSC fluid units is the flexibility: in capacity, in size and in design. The standard cooling capacity is between 12 and 1700 kW, but adjustments to this are more often than exceptional. With the meter-in and meter-out control systems, the cooler can realize various temperatures. On request, different compressor models can be used.

For each product of ICImport: we will tailor your solution. We optimize the design according to your specific circumstances and application requirements.


  • Liquid Cooler chiller for iron and steel industry
  • Liquid Cooler chiller for petrochemical industry
  • Liquid Cooler chiller for food industry

  • Warning system for filter cleaning

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